Pine Street Cottage Renovation

Pine Street Cottage circa 1920

This cottage was build in the 1920’s and has been added onto several times. The scope of the project is a total redesign/rebuild with the addition of a one-car attached garage as well as adding a second story. First off, however, the little cottage needed a new foundation, so we jacked the whole house up with a few modest 6×10 beams and twelve bottle jacks. The whole house is estimated to weight just over 24,000 lbs unoccupied, so in theory we should be able to use just one 12-ton jack – the trick is get the whole house to balance on just one jack!

The redesign kept the roots of the house intact with the living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry and bathrooms staying in about the same location. The downstairs living room was expanded as well as a first floor bedroom/office added. The second story includes three bedroom and two bathrooms.

Building Info
1600+ s.f., Bedrooms: 4, Bathrooms: 2.5, Laundry: 1, Office: 1, Garage: 1 car

Lot Size
3500 sq. ft. city lot

Hood River, Oregon