Scheumann Garage

When the Scheumann’s needed a garage for the Snowden home, it was clear that this was not going to be a typical garage. Snowden is notorious for a lot of snow – hence the name “snowed in” – so they needed a garage that would park the Sienna mini van as well as the Porsche and the John Deere tractor occasionally used for plowing snow. They wanted a low profile, clear span, four bay garage that would not encroach on their already tight driveway.

The solution was to build back into the hillside, provide a single pitch, clear-span, sloped roof that shed the snow away from the driveway. This was attainable via the use of engineered wood I-beam roof rafters and a close spacing for the 100 pound per square foot snow load in the area.

Building Info
1200+ s.f. garage – four bays

Lot Size
4 acre

Snowden, Washington