Questions for your Designer or Architect

When seeking the design services of any professional you should, at a minimum, ask the following questions.

  1. What do you see as the challenges and important aspects of this project?
  2. How will your design meet my needs and how will you determine those needs?
  3. What is your design philosophy?
  4. How busy are you?
  5. How will you organize the design process?
  6. What visuals will you use to describe the project (models, drawings, sketches)?
  7. How do you establish fees?
  8. What do you expect your fees for this project will be?
  9. If the scope of the project changes later, will there be additional fees?
  10. How will these fees be calculated?
  11. What services do you provide during the construction phase?
  12. How long do you expect it to take to complete this project
  13. Do you have any projects that are similar in scope or scale you can show me?

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